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            • We need to feel more to understand others
              We need to love more to be loved back
              We need to cry more to cleanse ourselves
              We need to laugh more to enjoy ourselves

              We need to establish the values of
              honesty and fairness
              when interacting with people
              We need to establish a strong ethical basis
              as a way of life

              We need to see more
              than our own little fantasies
              We need to hear more
              and listen to the needs of others

              We need to give more and take less
              We need to share more and own less
              We need to realize the importance of family
              as a backbone to stability
              We need to look more
              and realize that we are not so different
              from one another

              We need to create a world where
              we can all peacefully live
              the life we choose
              We need to create a world where
              we can once again trust each other

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